We always compromise to find the best prices for our customers, but at the same time we always strive to make sure that everyone involved from the yarn maker, the weaver, the salesperson, the seamstress etc. get a fair wage and get paid what they are worth. We keep our production unit inside of Europe to make sure that people are paid fairly for their work. We spend a lot of time researching, developing and managing new sustainable production methods and fabrics that benefits environment and communities. We never negotiate prices with our suppliers as we believe our suppliers gives us the best price possible while making sure that all employees can have a fair wage. Often when negotiating with suppliers, the only ones losing are the people who sew and make your clothes, while owners and bosses keep their cut. We have cut down our income as much as possible, to still make sure you can buy responsible design pieces at a reasonable price.

We are a small company, only producing the number of styles needed (which means sometime there is only 6-8 pieces of a certain style in the whole world, making it more unique for our customers). We only buy the fabric needed avoiding waste material and deadstock. We make sure to use renewable sources and green suppliers. We offer free repair on all styles and free alterations on all styles, so you will get the perfect fit of your favorite item. All this together gives the uniqueness of a NIKOLAJ STORM style and gives the opportunity for all our customers to value their clothes even more. All this together also gives our styles the price they have, so everybody involved values the product even more and respects the longevity of clothing and garments, to maintain a better future for all.

Do you have any questions on transparency of our products and further comments to our pricing, feel free to reach out at

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