We are not a sustainable brand, but we promise we do our best to become so! Let’s create a bright green future – together we can be higher!

As a young brand of the world, it’s our duty to leave as small an impact on the environment as possible. We strive to do everything we can to keep our resources and pollution as low as possible. We are a young brand and try to implement everything from the beginning, but we do know there is always new aspects of the company, we can improve in an even more sustainable way – and we always welcome all ideas, suggestions, collaborations and so on. We can’t do this alone as we are always stronger together!

What we do:

Our studio is placed in the center of Copenhagen, close to the green areas of king’s garden and østre anlæg. Our studio runs on renewable energy. We do all our samples in house in the studio, and do not work with etoile, to avoid creating waste material. Therefore we do samples and test in all kinds of materials, that later are sold or donated. We strive to use as less as possible for pattern making, and keeps reusing patterns and papers until it’s worn out. We strive to sort our waste with great focus on plastics and packaging.


We work with green suppliers in our supply chain and get our clothes produced within the european union to minimize transport and to ensure our workers are paid accordingly. We are more than happy to work with a family owned supplier, where knowledge and craftmanship is passed down through generations. Our supplier is also certified for all standards.

Please contact Nikolaj Storm directly for more information and certificates for suppliers and the HQ in Copenhagen.

From summer 2022 we introduced our handwoven GOTS certified cotton in collaboration with Sri Lankan company Selyn Textiles. Building on their philosophy to empower women in rural communities all over Sri Lanka, Selyn are creating handwoven cotton materials with women artisans so they give back to the small communities as well as creating better living for many families while producing the best materials possible. The handwoven materials are extremely durable and vivid in colors.


In March 2023 we will launch our first collaboration with the Swedish company A Good Company, producing everything from phonecovers, waterbottles and notesbooks – all done in a circular or extremely sustainable production line, leaving the smallest impact on the people and the planet that they work with.


In January 2023 together with Zalando, we will launch a capsule collection made in collaboration with WeaReSpindye, using their state of the art, innovative production method on recycled synthetics. By changing the coloring method of synthetics WeaReSpindye have create a selection of synthetic materials with much less water consumption and impact on the planet than virgin synthetics.


In 2022 we launched our collaboration with the rental platform It is all about renting clothes instead of buying new, therefore contributing to a more sustainable clothing industry. Fjong is a subscription-based renting platform, where you can order and rent clothing & accessories, that are shipped directly to your doorstep without buying or stimulation overproduction. The idea behind the concept is to put overstock and samples back into circulation and in this way, maximize the usage of existing items and inspire new consumption habits.



All collections from Nikolaj Storm is designed colorful and bold, as we believe in a joyful experience from clothing. All collections are to be seen as one continuing collection, that can be mixed in eternity and not as seasonal collections that stand alone. We encourage our customers to buy responsible and to wear out your clothes and mix old and new styles. We are working on a sharable wardrobe, where everybody will be invited to share their outfits of mixed collections to inspire our community to create a more sustainable wardrobe.

Our collections are created without a specific gender in mind as no one should be restricted based on their gender, sexuality, race or religion. We cast our models based on people and take pride in showing beauty from all over the world and in all shapes and forms. The genderless approach does not only create a bigger target group and more customers, it will also slowly create an understanding for people, that clothes are genderless and it should not be compared with someone’s gender or sexuality. If you like it – you should wear it, with pride!

What we work on:

During the development of our Capsule Collection for Zalando as a part of the Zalando Sustaianbility Award, we have worked closely with the Zalando circularity team educating ourselves even further in circular design principals as stated by Cradle2Cradle and the Ellen McArthur Foundation, focusing on designing out waste, keeping materials and products in use and regenerating natural systems. This has opened our eyes even further to do better for the planet, and therefore we have stated to implement more circular principles through our whole supply chain and will continue to do so for ever now as we believe circular design is the future of clothes to maintain our planet and people.

In short terms this means that we are working towards using 100% regenerative or biologically inputs in our fabrics as well as keeping styles in monofilaments for recycling possibilities. We will start focusing more on researching, developing and testing styles that are designed for longevity, repair or remanufacturing. This could be done by enhancing areas of high distress, working with bigger seam allowance and using standard trims for easy repairs. We will strive to reduce and eliminate all material and energy waste in the production process as well as minimizing all in the post-consumer lifecycle. From Dec 2022 we have already extended our UPSTORMED service with extended care and repair services, as well as our first take-back system for old Nikolaj Storm styles. This is to inspire you as our customer to care more, repair more, recirculate more, recycle more and to live with less – so we take better care of our home, together!

Nikolaj Storm already works with up-cycling of old collections, making use of the deadstock materials from the studio as well as deadstock from our own warehouse, through a project called “upstormed” collections. Here the customers will have the opportunity to buy styles created from old stock – as mentioned above – and old materials, re-envisioned and reinvented to be up to date with the aesthetics of the brand as well as the zeitgeist of the world. This is our answer to a “no waste” ideology, where old materials are used to create something new and inspiring, while keeping a sustainable mindset.

Through different acts and events we also wants to educate our customers about what a sustainable wardrobe actually is, as many people don’t know the different impact that their choices could make, for example in choosing organic cotton over regular cotton. This will be done through fun, playful and informative workshops, events and livestreams/talks, where the audience will be captivated by the knowledge that nikolaj storm wants to bring to the table. In august 2022 we hosted our first ever sustainability bingo in extension of copenhagen fashion week – an event to gather friends, have a good time and get crucial information about sustainability from different angels and from different experts.


We strongly believe that the fashion industry has a strong voice, not only restricted to our own industry – but we can have a huge impact on our society. That’s is why we also take a stand in social and political matters to fight for what is right and for justice. In 2020 we participated and supported in the BLM demonstration to show our support, in 2022 we supported ukraine and the victims of the war as well as supported red cross through our donation event, as well as participating and donating towards the Charity Catwalk which gathered 370.000 DKK for Legeheltene, an organization helping kids who are hospitalized by entertainment and fun.

In the future, we plan to implement collections that support different charities – such as ukraine refugees, red cross, aids stigmatization, deforestation etc. – to create awareness around different matters as well as to show the younger generations the importance of making a change and taking a stand.

We want to encourage our customers to maintain a sustainable wardrobe, and to educate them in sustainability in general, not only restricted to their wardrobe.


Zalando sustainability award 2021 – winner 1st prize with the collection “techno teaparty”

Ciff enlightenment 2018 – winner 1st prize with the collection “gangster’s paradise”

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