We are not a sustainable brand, but we promise we do our best to become so! Let’s create a bright green future – together we can be higher!

As a young brand of the world, it’s our duty to leave as small an impact on the environment as possible. We strive to do everything we can to keep our resources and pollution as low as possible. We are a young brand and try to implement everything from the beginning, but we do know there is always new aspects of the company, we can improve in an even more sustainable way – and we always welcome all ideas, suggestions, collaborations and so on. We can’t do this alone as we are always stronger together!

What we do:

Our studio is placed in the center of Copenhagen, close to the green areas of King’s Garden and Østre Anlæg. Our studio runs on renewable energy. We do all our samples in house in the studio, and do not work with etoile, to avoid creating waste material. Therefore we do samples and test in all kinds of materials, that later are sold or donated. We strive to use as less as possible for pattern making, and keeps reusing patterns and papers until it’s worn out. We strive to sort our waste with great focus on plastics and packaging.

We work with green suppliers in our supply chain and get our clothes produced within the European Union to minimize transport and to ensure our workers are paid accordingly. We are more than happy to work with a family owned supplier, where knowledge and craftmanship is passed down through generations. Our supplier is also certified for all standards.

Our fabrics are sourced based on pure qualities, dead stock and long-lasting vitality. We only buy limited amounts to avoid huge fabrics stocks, and all leftovers will be shredded into stuffing for furniture or collaborative companies. With this production circle we use every part of the fabrics, so our customers can continue buying social responsible collections. This also means that all collections are limited and most styles will not be reproduced – that gives our customers high quality goods with a unique perspective.

From 2021 we also started implement more responsible materials in our collections. That means our customers will be able to buy their favorite styles in rPET (Recycled Polyethylene: From collected plastic bottles and fishing nets), Lyocell (Made from sustainable sourced woodpulp with focus on not harming the forest in comparison to normal viscose), Recycled Nylon (We mainly use materials produced by regen) and so much more. We are thrilled to introduce these materials, while constantly being on the lookout for new and innovative materials.

All collections from Nikolaj Storm is designed colorful and bold, as we believe in a joyful experience from clothing. All collections are to be seen as one continuing collection, that can be mixed in eternity and not as seasonal collections that stand alone. We encourage our customers to buy responsible and to wear out your clothes and mix old and new styles. We are working on a sharable wardrobe, where everybody will be invited to share their outfits of mixed collections to inspire our community to create a more sustainable wardrope.

We also offer in house repairs and transformation of worn styles, to prolong the life of each style even further. That means all our customers are more than welcome to come by and get their old Nikolaj Storm styles, which they do not use as much as they wish for, upstormed by the creative team at the Studio. In this way we can prolong the life of each style while getting our customers new love with them home. Please contact the Nikolaj Storm team for more information about the procedure.

What we work on:

We focus on pushing the boundaries even further and from 2021 we strive to present at least 50% of our collections in responsible sourced materials, and with the percentage increasing drop by drop. From drop 5 we start to present printed collections made with responsible ink on sustainable materials created within the EU, to make even bolder statements with a responsible mind.

Together with Zalando we will create a capsule collection for launch in 2022, with deep focus on new innovations within the areas of fashion and sustainability. This will explore even further the boundaries for the brands within this area, and we are more than thrilled to present something unique for our customers.

Our first Upstormed collections made from deadstock studio material as well as deadstock from our own warehouse, will be avaible by the end of 2021. Our customers will have the oppertunity to buy styles create from old stock and old materials, reinvented to be up to date with the aesthetics of the brand as well as the zeitgeist of the world.


Zalando Sustainability award 2021 – WINNER 1st prize with the collection “Techno Teaparty”

Ciff enlightenment 2018 – Winner 1st prize with the collection “Gangster’s paradise”

Sustainability is a constant theme for our mission of bringing colorful and daring clothes to the people without the risk of the environment and social structures. We always want to do better, and we are always on the look-out for more sustainable fabrics, packaging and work ethics so our customers can feel, not only sensual and seductive, but also responsible and caring.

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