Typhoon Shirt

Typhoon Shirt in loose/casual fit and and Dragon Warrior print.

Nikolaj Storm x Rodinia Generation

  • 96% Organic Cotton, 4% Elastan
  • Loose fit unisex shirt.
  • Short open sleeves.
  • Open V-neck collar with relaxed collar.
  • Closed with shirt buttons down front in signature blue.
  • Print is made with AI technology.
  • Made in Denmark.
  • Wash with detergent without Enzymes due to the biodegradable colors.


RODINIA GENERATION: Using state of the art technology, innovative tech-startup Rodinia Generation have created the future of production in the fashion industry. By offering onshore production facilities, called microfactories, it is now possible to make custom designs almost instantly while using no water and biodegradable ink. Any left-over fabric is sent to a recycling facility and all fabrics are carefully selected from suppliers in Europe and chosen by their high sustainable value. The styles are then assembled in local sewing facilities securing high quality and fair wages for all involved, for instance our styles are assembled in Denmark by Systudio. Because production onshore is now a reality, we minimize the transport time and pollution and therefore we can deliver high quality products fast and responsible.

FABRIC: Organic cotton refers to naturally cultivated cotton without the use of any synthetic agricultural chemicals such as fertilisers or pesticides or transgenic technology. It was first planted in the 1980s as an attempt to secure sustainable, ecological, and biodynamic agriculture. That means the cotton contains less harmful chemicals for the skin, and take better care of the environment than conventional cotton.

CERTIFICATE: GOTS – Available upon request.

UPSTORMED PROPERTIES: Made to last. This material has been carefully selected on it’s durability and longlasting properties. Please reach out for more information on our UPSTORMED properties.

TRANSPARENCY: Supplier is located in Denmark, Fabric is sourced from Holland.

Please - Enjoy!


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